Show Homes painted by No Need to Paint

Here is your opportunity to benefit from the Andura treatment at a lower cost of the normal price is association with our Marketing and Promotion Department.

We require a number of promotional homes in various areas and are able to offer substantial discounts to selected property owners. We hold “open days” during application and invite the public and potential clients to see for themselves the difference of the Andura system over normal paint.

This limited offer is to enable us to establish a comprehensive online gallery to show prospective new customers examples of our work, and to show them the amazing difference to painting. You can help us, and help yourself at the same time!


For nearly 20 years we have successfully used the open house open day promotional homes concept to promote our product and services. The rationale behind this is simple, effective, and low cost advertising.

At the half way stage of installing our product, when there is a good before and after effect to be seen, we invite neighbours and other residents to the open day property to have a look at the work being undertaken. The advertising means used are by blanket leafleting the urbanisation and the surrounding area where the property is located and flyers sometimes appear in the local ex-pat press.

The logic behind these open days is a simple one. This low cost form of advertising attracts many people to come and inspect the Andura product, and compare it to normal paint systems.

Our potential clients, once on site, are able to pick up a brochure and info pack, see the material being applicated first hand in a no pressure neutral environment. This low cost effective means of generating business for the company means the savings made are passed on to our clients who can enjoy up to a 30% reduction over the normal cost.

We would be happy to inform you all that is involved with the open day concept when we visit to make our normal free of obligation survey and quotation where quotes are valid for 6 months.

All that is required in return would be:

• For one day only members of the public will be invited to view the ongoing work in progress.

• Invitations will be by form of leaflet, press and sometimes local radio

THAT’S ALL WE NEED YOU TO DO! …..PLUS – You will receive 300 euros for any person you invite to the Open Day that agrees to have the Andura system for their property, or afterwards through natural recommendation also.