Roof Coating

Andura’s Roofguard Coating has been Independently tested by the Paint Research Association (PRA). The results show that Roofguard is exceptionally durable and will perform well, with good colour stability for more than 10 years.

Roofgard’ is a highly durable roof coating which protects and beautifies roof tiles giving them the colour and appearance of a new roof. Roofgard has been formulated to give superb performance for many years. It is available in both water based and solvent based versions.

Key Benefits
Highly Durable
Weatherproof and breathable
 Colour Fast
Acid Rain and pollution Resistant
Alkali Resistant
Resists Moss and Lichen Growth
Restore your roof

This premium quality Andura roof coatings protect and restore the surfaces of roof tiles giving them the colour and appearance of a new roof.


  • Work is carried out by professional applicators who will survey your property, supply you with an estimate and carry out the work.
  • Before any work is undertaken a thorough inspection of the roof is made, all damaged tiles are replaced and any necessary re-pointing is carried out.
  • The roof is pressure cleaned and all moss, lichen and any other unwanted residue is removed. Guttering’s are cleaned and the surrounding areas are protected to avoid any contamination caused during application.
  • After preparation is carried out, the first coat is applied which bonds to the tiles, and then the final spray coat is applied which completes the work, leaving your roof protected with the appearance of a new roof.