FAQ by No Need to Paint

Q. What's the difference between normal masonry paint and a wallcoating?

A. Most exterior paints can be brittle and over time they crack, peel and blister. Our coating is made from a flexible resin and is the equivalent of up to 20 coats of ordinary paint – so it expands and contracts with the building. More importantly, our wallcoatings are micro-porous. So while they create an impenetrable barrier which prevents any water getting into the fabric of the building, they allow internal moisture to escape. Which is why, unlike ordinary paints, we can promise a 15 year guarantee against penetrating damp.

Q. How can Andura wall coatings keep water out, whilst still letting built - in moisture escape?

A. It’s easier to think of wall coating like the Gore-Tex fabric used in high performance sportswear. Droplets of rain are too big to penetrate, but water vapour is small enough to escape through the micro-porous membrane – allowing the walls to breathe and dry naturally.

Q. Do Andura wallcoatings cost more than traditional exterior house painting?

A. The trouble with using traditional exterior house paints is that they don’t stand the test of time. You have the inconvenience of regularly maintaining the exterior of your home and then every few years you have the cost of getting the decorators back in to repaint it. So although our professional wallcoating service may be slightly more expensive to apply initially, within a few years it will have saved you a considerable amount of money and worry.

Q. Why are Andura wallcoatings applied by spray?

A. Andura wallcoatings are considerably thicker than a standard masonry paint, so to ensure that we get an even, protective coating over the entire surface, we use powerful spray applicators. Don’t worry, we don’t make a mess – all areas are carefully masked off with tape and heavy duty paper! We also take special care to protect plants and shrubbery with protective tarpaulins. Is spray applied (better adhesion).

Q. Does this Andura wall coating system take long to apply?

A. Spray coating a house does take longer than painting it by brush and a thin coating of paint. The time consuming aspect comes in the preparation: cleaning the walls, repairing any cracks or defects, and then masking. The effects of bad weather however, are minimized with our process, as the smooth coating is touch-dry within 20 minutes, and the textured coating is touch-dry within the hour. Being resin based, the coating will cure and become fully set in 5 to 7 days. Overall it may take 50% longer to coat your house than to paint it, but the end result looks so much better and lasts far longer.

Q. How long can I expect an Andura coating to last?

A. When we say “looks that last a lifetime” – we mean it! Some of the homes we coated over 20 years ago are still looking as good as new! That’s the beauty of our system – we paint it and you can forget it! Should you have any doubts, you also have our written guarantee that all work carried out with Andura products (this includes both materials and labour), is fully covered for 15 years.

Q. How easy is it to care and maintain?

A. Andura wallcoatings require very little work. However if you live in an area where there is a lot of airborne pollution, the coating may become marked with dust and particles. In this situation simply clean with water by brush or power spray. We would recommend giving it a clean every 5 to 10 years to restore its natural appearance. If you would like further information about how our Andura wallcoatings can transform the looks of your house exterior, please contact us today for a free no obligation quotation: 00 34 96 611 4681or fill in our contact form.